Our Story

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Owned & Managed by Kennis L. Ashley, Navy Veteran State of Texas Licensed Private Security Manager and Investigator PSB License #C07285001 DUNS # 081351674 Cage Code: 863V3
Mr. Ashley is a dedicated law enforcement professional with a combined 25+ years of US Navy military service and private security management. He served as an aviation electrician and military police officer as a Serviceman and providing private security guidance and PI services is his passion.. Mr. Ashley’s desire to protect and ensure the safety of private citizens, especially children is the driving force behind the creation of the Guaranteed Protection Services team of security specialists.

Our Mission

Our mission at Guaranteed Protection Services, LLC (GPS) is to ensure that every client feels protected, secure and free from danger when our officers are on duty. We strive to create a “safe zone” by providing our officers with the latest and most effective security and personal protection training used by law enforcement today.